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Bedmobil New Zealand campervan Buyback Option

Bedmobils campervan rental and sale New Zealand guarantees to buy back our campervans!

With the help of the Bedmobil camper van buy back scheme you are able to plan your trip into more detail! In simple terms, when you buy a campervan from Bedmobils we agree to a buyback at a set price at the end of your New Zealand trip. The price for the buy back is fixed and guaranteed in writing.  This price is between 30 and 50% of the original purchase price, depending on the length of your trip, less the value of any mechanical or body damage occurring under your ownership.

The kilometers traveled during your New Zealand travel are of no real concern to the calculation of the New Zealand campervan buyback price. There are no hidden costs, fine print or any other traps. You are only required to keep up the maintenance i.e. change of engine oil every 5.000km and return the Bedmobils camper van in the same condition as received.

As our Bedmobil campervan buy back option is a ″FREE″ buy back option, you are not obliged to sell your camper back to us. In that sense you are free to sell your camper van to any other nice person. But in case you have to leave New Zealand urgently or simply do no want or have the time to sell your camper van in New Zealand, you still have Bedmobils camper vans rental, camper vans hire and camper vans sale New Zealand in Auckland to fall back on. A buyback is a simple planning tool for a great holiday!