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Bedmobil New Zealand campervans for sale include

New warrant of fitness

A Bedmobil backpacker campervan for sale in New Zealand comes with a brand new Warrant of Fitness valid for 6 months. In New Zealand, a Warrant of Fitness (Wof) is a test that checks the safety and road worthiness of a New Zealand vehicle. The Warrant of Fitness test for a Bedmobil New Zealand campervan is done by an independent company to provide you with the guarantee of an independent assessor that the camper van is in a safe and road worthy condition. Each vehicle used on public roads in New Zealand must display a current Warrant of Fitness sticker in the top left corner of its windscreen.

Up to date vehicle registration

Bedmobil Backpacker campers New Zealand come with current vehicle registration. Each New Zealand vehicle used on public roads in New Zealand must display the registration label on the right bottom corner of the windscreen. Further registration if required can either be purchased through Bedmobils campers, a local New Zealand post shop or vehicle testing station.

Up to date road user charges (diesel powered camper vans only)

Bedmobil New Zealand camper vans guarantees that there are no outstanding road user charges. Every Diesel powered vehicle used on public roads in New Zealand must display a ruc label on the right bottom corner of the windscreen. Additional kilometers can either be organized through Bedmobils, a local post shop or vehicle testing station.

Clear title check

Bedmobil New Zealand camper vans guarantee that there is no security interest registered against the campervan. In New Zealand any security interest registered against a vehicle would automatically be transferred to the new owner.

Clear security check

Bedmobils campervans New Zealand guarantees that there is no police interest registered against the New Zealand campervan for sale.

Mechanical check

Bedmobils New Zealand back packer campervans carries out a mechanical check followed by an oil change.

Change of ownership fees

Both the buyer and the seller of a car must inform the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) of the change in ownership. This must take place within seven days of the sale of the car. Bedmobils New Zealand campervans will carry out all the legal documentation for you and will pay all associated change of ownership fees.


A full introduction to your camper van is provided on take over of your Bedmobil camper van in New Zealand.


New Zealand campground guide, New Zealand activity guide and Nz route planners are positioned in the glove box of your campervan.

Selling tips

After the initial introduction to your campervan we provide you with selling tips to make sure you do have all the information to sell your camper van for the best price possible.


Bedmobils New Zealand campervan hire, rental & sale can help you with


Vehicle insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand. This means you could theoretically drive your New Zealand campervan without insurance. If you prefer to insure your camper van while you travel New Zealand third party insurance can be arranged for all non New Zealand residents, third party or full cover insurance for all New Zealand residents.

Roadside assistance

24/7 roadside assistance can be provided by New Zealand roadside assistance or the automobile association of New Zealand.


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Campervans for sale

A Bedmobil New Zealand camper van is based on either a Toyota Hiace or Nissan Caravan (due to their reliability and reputation), medium or long wheel base models. For camper van details click on campervans for sale.

Free guaranteed Buyback

Bedmobils camper vans New Zealand provides you with a written buyback guarantee, guaranteeing that we buy back the camper van you bought from us. Check out campervan Buyback New Zealand for more details.